The Porn Industry – Time to Wrap Up Their Night!

18 Oct

The porn industry have had no rules and regulations put into places when it comes to unprotected sex. We find this unbelievable due to the high STI rates involved with the industry. These pornstars are subjecting themselves to high consequences if they are to continue with unprotected sex, and this is evident in the video above where a pornstar caught the deadly HIV. How many cases like this do there have to be until people start to take the issue more seriously?

We want to know what you think. Should it be absolutely compulsory for the porn industry to use condoms when performing sexual intercourse?


What a Sight!

17 Oct

We know it’s a little disturbing, but this blog post is aiming to educate you on the consequences of contracting an STD. Perhaps you’ll think twice about having unprotected sex once you see these shockers!


16 Oct

Every day thousands of teenagers are putting themselves at risk for pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and severe turmoil emotionally. Instead of thinking about all the consequences, more and more teens are becoming sexually active without completely understanding the precautions that need to be taken when doing so. Providing teens with the option of using a condom without question would greatly decrease these risks. The teens that are sexually active will most likely have sex with or without a condom, so providing them with total confidentiality would make these teens comfortable enough to make the responsible choice to use one. Some people may argue that condom distribution is a misguided solution due to the fact that it influences sexual promiscuity; however, that is a misconception because teenagers are quite capable of making good decisions, they just need to be better informed. The option of condoms being distributed in clubbing strips of Sydney needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

For now, Whatever your age, even if you’re under 16, you can get free condoms from community contraceptive clinics, sexual health and genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics, some young people’s services, and some GP surgeries. You can also buy condoms in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Get talking about sex. With your friends, co-workers, even family members. you wouldn’t be here now if your parents hadn’t done the deed (sorry for the mental image) but seriously, sex is the most natural thing in existence, don’t deny yourself the right of being able to speak freely about it and get educated. Because the more you tell someone else, the more chance we have of ensuring the WRAP UP THEIR NIGHT!


14 Oct

The stigma behind sex being a secretive and almost taboo topic has grown stale. And we campaigning for Wrap Up Your Night want to

shake the embarrassment behind talking about SEX. SEX IS OK, NATURAL, AND CAN BE FUN! IF YOU DO IT IN A SAFE AND



Take a look at the link below. You’d be surprised just how many people are not even sure of how to put a condom on, so we’ve taken the

pain out of asking and sourced a little tutorial 😉

Chlamydia – Her Story

10 Oct

Hayley* is a 20 year old Sydney resident who recently caught the common STI, Chlamydia. Today, she opens up to how she contracted the disease, how she treated it, and everything in between!

*names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual involved.

Q. Tell us how Chlamydia came about?

A. I had a one night stand, I was lazy, didn’t use protection, simple as that. When I think back to how easily it could have been prevented I want to slap myself!


Q. When did you realise you had caught the infection?

A. I had no symptoms actually. I was actually very sick with the flu and had to go to hospital to do a few tests. They were able to detect my STI when I had to urinate into a cup for other reasons. If I didn’t fall sick, I probably still wouldn’t know I had it.. that’s the scary thing. It would have affected me more. I was very lucky.


Q. Have you spread the infection to anyone else?

A. Unfortunately, yes. I’ve had a few sexual partners these last few months and of course I would have informed them of my infection if I had known, but I didn’t. The thing is that I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about my infection I had, so my previous sexual partners probably still don’t know. Which means it’s spreading even more. I don’t know what to do and it has been getting me down.


Q. Is there any advice you would give to other girls and boys out there?

A. Yes. Always use a condom, do not be lazy. Even though I have treated my infection, I still have to live with the fact that I caught chlamydia and it honestly makes me feel sick!


Q. If you could go back in time and change your decision, would you?

A. Of course! Chlamydia is not only damaging to my body but it is also a huge embarrassment. I would feel so humiliated if people found out. At least I have learnt a lot from it. I would never, alcohol in my system or not, have unprotected sex again with a stranger.



27 Sep

Hey guys,

Check out the article linked below- it details Obama’s support for endorsement of free contraception as part of insurance plans.

Democrats moved Saturday to make contraception an issue in the 2012 election by releasing a video attack-ad that portrays opposition to the White House’s proposed regulation of churches as a GOP-led effort to deny free contraception to all women.

The ad shows President Barack Obama speaking on Feb. 10 saying that his revised church regulation would ensure “the insurance company, not the [church-run] hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge, without copays, and without hassles.”

Alex’s Story

27 Sep

 I asked a friend to write down their story in a few words and they graciously accepted.
Read on, and wrap it up guys.

I had just moved to Sydney from a country town, caught up living my life in the fast lane when it happened. In June 2003, at the age of 18, I was told that I was HIV positive. Up until that time I felt that I was educated about HIV/AIDS. My friends would tease me, calling me “Condom Mamma”. I was always telling them to use condoms, yet I did not protect myself every time, nor did I believe it would happen to me, but it did. I met a really nice guy who was a friend of my cousins. I had sex with him on his birthday and didn’t use protection because I was on the pill. STI’s never crossed my mind in the heat of the moment.

I had a little pre-test counselling, and then I was told that I was positive over the phone “Excuse me, Miss… your test result came back positive”. I will never forget those words. I was all alone. I still get a numbing feeling just remembering. So much in my life is different that it feels like a lifetime ago.

When I was first diagnosed, I just assumed it was inevitable that I would die and soon. Therefore I didn’t focus on my health. I was so young but was already facing death. I lost a lot of sleep thinking about the past and the future that could have been. I had too much planned. I was on my way to university. I was going to get married, have children and live long enough to spoil my grandchildren.

How I feel about having the virus now is mixed. There are times I am quite accepting and days when I just feel like revenging back. Sometimes it is quite difficult to hide from HIV because of all the medication. The good thing is that it is normal for a girl to go into a toilet cubicle with her bag. Many times I take my medication in there. When I don’t take them, I become breathless, tired and at times irritable.

There are so many stigmas attached to HIV, when you live in a small community. I was afraid that those who knew my HIV status would tell others or I would slip and someone who was uneducated would cause pain and confusion for my family. My biggest concern was that everyone would reject me. I have found that, like myself, there are other people in my community who are infected. They want to reach out to our community, yet they drive seventy miles or more for support groups or to find services, all for fear of being “found out” in their small communities.

I started getting sick about two years ago and with time, it has become worse. At first I was just feeling tired and weak. Even when I had had my breakfast, I would find it an effort to go upstairs to my room. This would happen for a day or two and then disappear. Later, with the tiredness, I would not be able to hold my food down. This continued for about 6 months and I really lost a lot of weight. Those around me really showed it in their faces, mum tried to hide it but her tears said it all.

Well I can’t say anymore because the story of my life still continues…I’m not too sure what the future holds. It makes me wonder how different my life would have been had I just made different choices.